A happy homecoming

We got word late Saturday that Kyndall’s heat had ended, and she was ready to be picked up. Once again, Kora was in synch — HER heat ended too, and she also was cleared for homecoming. We thus gratefully accepted the offer from Lisa, Kora’s puppy-raiser, to collect both girls Sunday afternoon. They pulled up to our house a little before 3 p.m. yesterday.

020816 K & K coming home
Lisa took this photo as she approached our house yesterday. She says Kyndall seemed to know she was almost home.

In Kyndall’s absence, lot of folks have asked us how Mr. Tucker was enjoying being an only dog. We’re sure he enjoys being the exclusive center of canine attention, not to mention having the back doors open so he can wander inside or out at will. But his tail was certainly wagging furiously yesterday when the K girls arrived.

Lisa and I had wanted to give the girls a short opportunity to race around like maniacs, as they always do when Kora visits Kyndall at our house. But they surprised us by being unusually tranquil — probably a result of all the play time they got up at the Holiday Pet Hotel. Karina up there sent me one last set of photos that once again made it clear what fun times Kyndall enjoyed there.

020816 K at camp1
That’s one smiley puppy!

Now that she’s back, we’re enjoying her sweet disposition and cuddly presence. I’m also sorry she’s back to the boring routines around our house — rather than the fun times at Sex Camp. Still, we keep reminding ourselves that her mission in life is to become a service dog. We’re also keenly aware of how little time we have left to prepare her for starting her advanced training up in Oceanside — just a little more than 13 weeks.  We still have some serious work to do to try and get her ready for making it all the way to graduation.

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