021316 BFFs

After being kenneled together at the Holiday Pet Hotel for three weeks, during their recent coincident heat cycle, Kyndall and Kora must be missing each other, right? That’s what Lisa Matthews (Kora’s puppy-raiser) and I have been wondering. We got at least a partial answer Thursday, when we all literally ran into each other on La Jolla Boulevard.  We chatted for a minute or two, then went our separate ways. But Lisa later called and told me that Kora had cried and yipped for some time as Kyndall and I receded into the distance. She asked if I had any training advice for her (crying and yipping being frowned upon in service-dog wannabes).  My recommendation: call the puppy program manager up in Oceanside and ask her what to do. (I didn’t have a clue.)

Lisa later reported that she had talked to Becky, who recommended we meet on the street where the two girls could see each other but not get close. She said Lisa should then give Kora some really good treats to let her know it was not play time (and help her learn the difference.)

In preparation for that, Lisa brought Kora over to hang out with Kyndall for a few hours this morning. Clearly they are good friends. After a typical wild greeting, they soon settled down to hanging out pretty calmly.

Lisa and I plan to try the street pass-by tomorrow morning. Then Monday evening, Kora will have another opportunity to exercise restraint in Puppy Class, since she will move up to the Advanced Class (where Kyndall has been for some months.)

One thought on “BFFs

  1. Kora did a little cry with the 1st realization we were not crossing the street to be with her BFF and with the help of some yummy treats we were able to walk away with lots of “lets go” treats! Next encounter….class on Monday night for the working girls!


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