Back in the groove

It feels like we have started our descent in preparation for landing (aka Turn-In), now less than three months hence. Kyndall has learned all the commands she’s supposed to know, but we nonetheless returned to Advanced Class Monday night. We’ll continue to attend because we feel like it’s a good place for her to practice. One thing that was new was the presence of her BFF, Kora, who just moved up into the highest group. Although we’d wondered if their mutual presence would distract the girls from the lessons at hand, this proved not to be a problem. Steve and I even gave Kora and Lisa a ride to class (since we live so close to each other). We made Kyndall and Kora both ride in the big cloth kennel  we keep in the back of our van. We’d half expected that containment vessel to explode with motion and raw doggy energy, like something in a cartoon, but the two girls seemed to settle down almost instantly (perhaps a result of all the recent time they spent together  at the Holiday Pet Hotel.) In the classroom, we sat on opposite sides of the room, and an observer wouldn’t have guessed that Kora and Kyndall had ever met.

021716 class1


021716 class2
It may have been her first Advanced Class, but Kora’s behavior was exemplary.

Around the house, Kyndall seems calmer than ever. It’s hard to avoid wondering if that second heat cycle didn’t affect her personality positively (although it was already good to begin with). Basically, she’s not doing anything around the house that’s a problem. In the yard, she still gets tempted from time to time by flowers and leaves that apparently call out to be ingested, and she can’t resist the occasionally urge to dig. We’re going to try to continue to tune her up. But it’s a stretch…





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