Political pup

Steve and I don’t get out to political rallies and protests all that often, which explains why last night was the first time we ever took a puppy to one. But last night we couldn’t resist joining the small group of folks who gathered in front of the Apple store in the Fashion Valley shopping mall in support of Apple’s stance to defend customer privacy and security.

022416 political pup1

We figured although Kyndall wouldn’t understand the larger societal issues at stake, she wouldn’t mind making her own statement. Indeed she seemed very chill about wearing a sign:

022416 politicalpup2

She in turn was a great hit with both the protesters and the news media.  This morning I noted that she showed up in at least one TV news report (looking cute even if the reporter got her sex wrong).

I’m not sure how much impact the rally had on the larger debate. But it was a terrific training exercise for Kyndall. She sat calmly, even regally, throughout all proceedings. I’d take her to another protest any day.





3 thoughts on “Political pup

  1. Just saw the answer to my email that you did go to the rally. I like the photo of the person taking the photo of Kyndall. Details in the morning!

    Christy ************************************** Christy Zatkin 6346 Via Maria La Jolla, CA 92037 619-204-9530



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