Village life

Steve and I have long felt that one of the best things about raising puppies for CCI is the community it connects us with. Puppy-raisers come from many walks of life, and they span the range of political affiliations. I guess. But we never talk about any of that. We talk about dogs, and somehow I come away thinking that most of the dogs are being raised by decent, likable humans.

Though that’s been our experience for more than 10 years, the past year is the first time we’ve ever lived close to another CCI puppy (Kora) who’s so close in age to one of our trainees (Kyndall). As the girls have gotten older and better behaved, it’s become more routine for Kora’s puppy-raiser (Lisa) and us to find opportunities for them to get together. This weekend was particularly golden. While Lisa golfed on Saturday, she dropped off Kora at our place. Then on Sunday, Steve and I went on an outing to Tijuana that we knew would consume at least six hours. Kyndall is now old enough to be left in her kennel for that long. But it’s hard not to imagine her feeling lonely and bored. So I asked Lisa if Kyndall could hang out with them during our absence.

Clearly the girls had a great time:

022916 Koraday1
They were in Lisa’s condo for part of the morning.
022916 Koraday3
But they also got out and about. Did a little shopping. Went to the beach.

022916 Koraday2

022916 Koraday5

022916 Koraday4

They’ll see each other tonight again when we carpool to puppy class.

3 thoughts on “Village life

  1. People were real impressed when I gave them the down command and they gladly did it together and politely took a treat each. Both of them love affection…Happy girls;-)


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