Cape training continues

Will an aversion to putting on her cape get Kyndall released from Advanced Training? This has been our chronic worry in recent months — perhaps because she seems so perfect, otherwise. She’s such a calm little girl, she pays close attention to us, learns quickly, and has almost no bad habits. The Cape Avoidance strikes us as being downright weird. So we’ve been working hard to help her get over it. We’ve learned that she loves liverwurst, so we’ve been keeping it on-hand, and breaking it out every time we go to dress her. Here’s what the drill looks like:

I don’t know if we should stop using it at some point. (I’m pretty sure she will NOT be given it up in the Oceanside kennels.) But I don’t want to introduce any bad associations. So for the next 10 weeks I guess we’ll just keep doling it out to her. (While simultaneously crossing our fingers.)


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