Dogfood Strike?

Kyndall seems very perky this morning. Steve commented that maybe she was happy she finally had gotten us to feed her something better than Eukanuba Large-Breed Dogfood. “She’s probably thinking, ‘It’s taken me a year and a half to train them, but thank God they’ve finally come around,'”he theorized.

It’s true that she refused to even glance at the cup of dogfood I put in her bowl. So I fed her all the plain yogurt I had left (only a half cup or so), and she lapped that up eagerly.

040916 yogurt cup
I also gave her the remains of the strawberry yogurt cup I bought for my breakfast. She seemed to appreciate every molecule of it. 

I plan to go out soon and buy some cottage cheese for her (I can’t cook her plain rice until we get home tomorrow.) But clearly, I need to consult with the puppy experts at CCI in Oceanside about how to deal with this new wrinkle. Is it illness? Or culinary fastidiousness? I’ve heard from the folks who are raising Kyndall’s sister, Kimono, who report that “Kimono eats far more leisurely than any Lab we’ve ever known. It’s like she chews each individual kibble several times, instead of just inhaling the whole bowl as our Lab is want to do. At the same time, I can leave her in the car with a ziploc full of dog food in easy reach, which I could never do with the labs.”

Steve insists Kyndall just wants to be fed something more befitting a true Princess. Like live rabbits.

040916 rabbits
The place we’re staying is overrun with them. Kyndall finds them RIVETING!



2 thoughts on “Dogfood Strike?

  1. Dogs won’t starve themselves. If it agent for the vomiting, I’d not worry. With the vomiting I’d have her checked.
    Did you ever try warm water on her food. The warmth increases the smell, thereby stimulating appetite. Easy to wean off too.


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