Lingering thoughts

Thoughts of Kyndall have popped into my head with surprising frequency in the three days since we bade goodbye to her. Owning any dog is a responsibility, and taking care of a puppy on the path to a life of service is at least as big a one. We’ve gotten so used to it over the years that it doesn’t feel like a huge burden. But every time one of our CCI dogs suddenly disappears, it takes a while to adjust —  to turn off our all-but-automatic caretaking instincts.

Now the Big Silence unfolds. We’re not allowed to visit any dog who’s begun Advanced  Training. CCI claims that it appears to unsettle them. In a few weeks, we’ll get a formal Graduation Photo. But our friend Bob Schneider, who taught photography on the college level, sent the following one, which he took while the formal photos were being taken. It’s hard to imagine another image could be better.

051616 portrait
Doesn’t she look alert?

We’ve been promised our first detailed report on how Kyndall is faring on June 29. The arrival of that document is always exciting. In the meantime, my feelings of sadness have evaporated. I am confident Kyndall’s having fun. All sorts of good things are ahead for her.

2 thoughts on “Lingering thoughts

  1. Just binged and read all 3. The photo of the pup in the raiser’s lap choked me up a bit. I’m glad your major sadness has passed. You two do good work!

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  2. What a beautiful picture of all three of you. She really is an incredible handsome dog, though I have never been able to spot the golden in her.

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