A post-Kyndall puppy

One thing that’s made life after Kyndall easier is that we’ve still had Kora, another CCI puppy who’s being raised by first-time puppy-raiser Lisa Matthews. Lisa and Kora live

051817 Kora2
Unlike most of the the dogs we’ve lived with, Kora appears not to be a member of the Sloppy Sitters Club. She sits beautifully.

just a few blocks from us. Even though Kora is 6 months younger, she and Kyndall became great friends and spent a lot of time together over the past 10 months. When Lisa asked us if we could take care of Kora while Lisa attended a conference and went on a Mediterranean cruise, we were happy to do so. Despite our normal conviction that three big dogs is too many, we knew we’d only have three for about 10 days, because Kyndall was turning in. Then for a week or so, we’d be down to just Kora and Tucker.

And having Kora around has indeed been a comfort. With Kyndall gone, Kora’s own distinctive personality has come more sharply into focus. She sleeps less than Kyndall, and I’ve been fascinated to see how ingeniously she entertains herself. She chews on her toys (only), and one day I watched her play ball all by herself for a solid hour or so.

051816 Kora1She’s less cuddly than Kyndall, who would climb into our laps or snuggle up next to us given the slightest opportunity. Yet she wags her tails in a friendly manner that convinces us she’s happy to hang out with us (even if we’re much less entertaining than Kyndall.)

Most charming of all: Kora does something I’ve never seen from any of the 10 dogs Steve and I have raised from puppyhood (or the countless ones we’ve cared for briefly.) She has a beloved blanket that Lisa told us to put in her kennel every night. Not only does Kora NOT destroy it (as all ourCCI puppies have done with similar blankets), but Kora routinely goes to the kennel and drags the blanket out, hauling it around the house with her and curling up on it. It’s clearly a security blanket, akin to that of Linus from the Peanuts gang.

051816 Kora3

051816 Kora4

Kora’s ultimate source for comfort will be restored tomorrow night, when Lisa returns from her travels. I expect it to be an ecstatic reunion and will have a video recorder ready.



2 thoughts on “A post-Kyndall puppy

  1. Adorable. Can’t wait to hear how Kyndall fares.

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  2. She also brings all toys from kennel into whatever room you are in and her smaller blankie….lol. Can’t wait for our reunion!


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