Our next CCI puppy adventure — coming soon!

Here’s Beverly!

Once you’ve turned in one CCI puppy (as we just did with Kyndall), what’s the best time to get another one — assuming you’re willing to go through the whole crazy adventure again?

Steve and I knew that we were (that crazy). But we were wracked by indecision over the timing. We’ve been traveling more in recent years, and although a virtual army of CCI volunteers stands ready to help with puppy-sitting (for which we’ve repeatedly expressed our gratitude over the years), we sometimes worry about imposing on the puppy-sitters’ generosity too much. Plus, arranging all the puppy-sitting takes time and attention. With a couple of trips on the horizon, we wondered if we should take a break.

But, then, what time would ever be better than now? We vacillated.
Then we were swept into a decision a few weeks ago at puppy class, when another long-time puppy-raiser (Cyndy Carlton) asked what our plans were for raising again. She also told us, with great excitement, that some “Phyllis puppies” would soon be available. When I asked her what Phyllis puppies were, she gave me some information, but I was still confused. Mainly what I took as the bottom line was: these were likely to be awesome puppies, and we should make every effort to get one when they arrived at the beginning of June. I pointed out that Steve and I wouldn’t even be home then. We’re about to leave on a trip to Colombia from which we won’t return until June 15. But Cyndy brushed that away. Jan Ford (another veteran puppy-raiser) would happily foster our puppy (should we be lucky enough to get one). I checked, and Jan confirmed this. 

So, impulsively, I sent an email up to CCI asking if I could apply for one of these magical puppies. Becky Hein, the puppy program manager, warned that she didn’t know if any would be available; she would have to defer to the existing waiting list. But just a week later, we got another email announcing we could get a yellow lab-golden offspring of Phyllis. The pup’s name would be Beverly. 

So the way things now stand, Steve and I will depart on our trip Saturday (May 28). Beverly will fly down from Northern California next Wednesday, June 1. Cyndy will pick her up at the airport and transport her to Jan (who has a childcare business that she runs from her home). Jan will take care of Beverly until our return on June 15. 

This all feels so unorthodox to me. It also means we won’t get to experience Beverly when she’s at her smallest and most adorable. On the other hand, I know for a fact that Jan is a truly gifted puppy-raiser. It’s not unimaginable that we might get home to find Beverly already sleeping through the night — and house-trained.

That’s probably a pipe dream. I did learn more about why Cyndy and Jan are so excited about the puppies of Phyllis (Beverly’s mother). Phyllis is the daughter of Emerald, an apparently awesome dog whom Cyndy raised. It’s possible that Beverly will be as awesome as her Grand-dam. I hope she is. And no matter what, I’m glad the hope of that coming to pass forced our hand.   

3 thoughts on “Our next CCI puppy adventure — coming soon!

  1. I missed this when you posted it! Now that I am catching up – in your dining room – all I can say is congrats, and she’s adorable (and what a re-entry you will have!).

    Doris/Mom/MILU/Whatever else you may call me



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