Vet visit

Beverly screamed when she was immunized against distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus today. Steve and I were shocked. This was our first visit to the vet with her, but we’ve grown accustomed to puppy after puppy not batting an eye when they’ve had needles stuck in them. We don’t really know why none of our previous pups have reacted to shots — or why Beverly shrieked. But we suspect it may indicate a greater level of sensitivity on her part.

062316 vet visit
Hmmmmm. Must say I don’t like the looks of this…

Although normally only one of us takes our charges for their injections, we both made the trip to the vet’s today because we also had to take Tucker in for a blood test. Tucker was our very first CCI pup. When he was released from Advanced Training (for excessive energy, back in 2006) we welcomed him as our house dog. He’ll be 12 years old in October — an ominous age for Labrador Retrievers (whose average lifespan is around 12). Grimly, we’ve discovered lumps on him in recent months. These are sometimes (often?) benign. But our vet was suspicious that one of the lumps seemed harder. She did a needle biopsy, and the lab reported it’s some kind of cancer.

Tomorrow, the vet will attempt to excise that lump, and we’ve been told that could just get rid of the problem. We fervently hope so; Tucker is a wonderful guy. We love him.

One minor good thing that came of our visit today is that we got a chance to weigh Beverly on a professional scale. She came in at just under 19 pounds. That means in the past week she has gained 4 pounds. It may not sound like that much, but it’s more than 25% of what her body weight was when we picked her up June 15). The difference is obvious.

Beverly one week ago.
062316 cropped
And Beverly about an hour ago.

She’s changing AWFULLY fast…

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