Fun and not fun

Beverly had the fun today. I was able to take her for the first time ever to one of the twice-monthly play sessions hosted by puppy-raiser Cyndy Carlton. These are wonderful opportunities for CCI puppies to hang out and play together under the watchful eye of many experienced puppy-raisers. It’s fun for the puppy-raisers, too, to be able to compare notes and trade advice and socialize.

062516 Play2
At first Target took the initiative…
062516 Play1
…but soon Beverly was paying it back.

Beverly is such a quiet and gentle girl that at first she simply found a corner and watched the action. She continued to avoid the bigger dogs, but soon she was wrestling with Target, the handsome boy Cyndy is raising. (She doesn’t approve of his given name and instead calls him “Tar-Zhay.”) After an hour or so, Beverly was tackling him so aggressively I had to reprimand her (CCI puppies are not supposed to growl and bark when they’re playing.)

The scene at our house, in comparison, is not jolly at all. Tucker’s surgery to remove the cancerous lump in his side took place yesterday, and the news wasn’t good. The vet is concerned she was not able to remove all the tendrils. We should get a pathology report next week to tell us more about what’s going on — and what his prognosis is.

062516 Tuck
Having to wear the dreadful cone feels like adding insult to his surgical injuries.

Although he’s a sorry sight, he was perky enough this morning to walk to the coffee shop with me. Clearly, he still has some life in him.

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