Great news about the old boy!

Counterbalancing the sad phone call Monday about Kyndall’s release from CCI service was the one I just got a few minutes ago from the veterinarian who operated on Tucker last Friday. She announced that his pathology report was back — and the growth that she removed appeared to be a type of soft-tissue sarcoma known as a spindle cell tumor, a cancer that probably originated from a nerve sheath. The excellent news was that the pathologist thought the surgery had removed all of it, and furthermore it appeared to be Grade 1 — a low-grade cancer that was very unlikely to metastasize. So Tucker stands a good chance of moving into his 12th year — and beyond!

062916 Tucker
That blur is his tail, wagging. He detests wearing the cone, but the vet says he has to endure it for another 9 days to ensure he doesn’t rip out his stitches.

Steve and I originally were drawn to puppy-raising after having to have one of our favorite dogs ever (Tootsie) euthanized. Wanting to avoid ever going through that heart-wrenching experience again, we signed up as CCI puppy-raisers — and got Tucker. But when HE was released (for being too distractible), we couldn’t resist welcoming him back into our home as a family member.

Now that he’s almost 12, we know that a dark day eventually will be coming. But it’s wonderful to learn this surgery bought him some more good time.

On the new-puppy front, Beverly continues to be an astonishingly devoted sleeper (except at night, when she still needs one brief toileting excursion).

062916 Beverly
A bed of stones? Bring it on!

And on the recent release-dog front, Kyndall is recuperating up in Oceanside from being spayed. We should learn more on Friday about her next move.


4 thoughts on “Great news about the old boy!

  1. Jeannette, This is great news about Tucker🐾❤️. I hope he is recovering and feeling better from the surgery. Beverly seems like a wonderful puppy. Paul had a hard couple of weeks, but when he is feeling better maybe we could arrange a time in a Monday to bring her over (Tucker, too, if possible) and we can sit outside and have a lunch and hope Paul keeps falling in love with that puppy energy. Have a nice Fourth. Meg

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  2. Great news about Tucker! Sad news about Kyndall. Do you have anyone that wants her? My cousin Kristin might be interested, if that’s a possibility. Their lab is aging.

    Christy ************************************** Christy Zatkin 6346 Via Maria La Jolla, CA 92037 619-204-9530



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