News blast

I just got an email from Jan Ford, with the subject line, “You are going to love this puppy!!!” and the following photo:

That’s pretty tantalizing, in the best possible way. (Hard to believe, as we’re rolling along in a bus through the Andes, that we’ll finally get to meet her one week from today!) 

Puppy news from abroad

While we’re roaming around Colombia, I’ve received a few bulletins from the troops back in San Diego who’ve been documenting and hosting Beverly. Our videographer friends Alberto Lau and Bob Schneider, who are still working on their film about puppy-raising, were at the airport to record Beverly’s arrival Friday. They sent some photos, along with Albie’s report that Beverly seemed “very calm and sweet, in contrast with the other pup that arrived on the same flight.”

Someone also captured Beverly’s first bath, at Cyndy Carlton’s home.

And this morning Jan Ford, with whom Beverly is staying, wrote to say, “Your puppy is very sweet. She was just a tad over 10 pounds when she got here but that won’t last long. She is a good eater having no problem with dry kibble. She knows where I keep it and reminds me of an upcoming meal.

“Her crate is not her favorite place and she tells you all about it!!!! I hope to have her sleeping all night soon. A little fan worked wonders last night.”

Ten pounds sounds tiny to me! I don’t think any of our previous CCI pups have been that little. And calm sweetness sounds even better. This sounds like a wonderful puppy to me!”

She has arrived! 

Although we’re in Colombia having adventures that I’m blogging about on my travel site, I received a thrilling email this afternoon while barreling along in a bus along the Carribean coastline east of Cartagena, returning for an outing to a “mud volcano.” It informed us that Beverly had arrived in San Diego, where Jan Ford will be providing her with foster care (assisted by Cyndy Carlton) until we get back home June 15. From this distance she looks AWFULLY cute to me:

I’m hoping to get some more updates and/or photos in the coming days. I’ll try to post them as much as I can.