Sweet puppy nights

For the first two weeks of our life with Beverly, she woke up every night sometime between midnight at 3 a.m., crying. Steve hauled himself out of bed and carried her down the stairs, out the back door, past the pool deck, and down to the lower yard (the area where our dogs most commonly relieve themselves.) Every time he did that, Beverly peed and pooped. Back up in our room, when she was put back into the kennel, she went right back to sleep.

070316 sleeping dog

Last Thursday night, things changed.

We went to bed around 9:30 (because we’ve been so tired!). But she slept to a little after 4 a.m. Friday morning. Friday night, she slept from about 10:15 to almost 5.

“We’ve made the breakthrough!” I exclaimed.”I have to report this in my blog!”

Steve urged restraint, warning that it might be a fluke. I suspected he was being superstitious, not wanting to jinx the happy turn of events. Indeed, last night, Beverly once again went to bed around 9:30 and slept until 5 a.m. Steve took her out then and claims that he watched her excrete a full gallon of pee. “No exaggeration,” he says. “It was at least a gallon.”

5 a.m. is still a tad earlier than we would prefer to awaken, but by any measure, it can allow for a full night’s sleep. For the moment, Steve is still taking Beverly out when she first awakens, but then he stashes her in the kennel in his office, with Tucker for company. Steve then can go back to sleep for another hour or more, and I can get up at 6 or 6:30 to do the first shift of chores (dispensing puppy-chow, providing water, watching Beverly chase the empty milk bottle in the early-morning light.)

Best of all, we can begin to imagine even better mornings down the line: a 5:30 wake-up… Then 6… Once that happens, we’ll be moving out the Puppy Hellish phase, at least with this girl.


In other puppy news, we’ve gotten word that the friends of friends who applied to adopt Kyndall visited her up in Oceanside Friday and have made the decision: they definitely want her. This is wonderful news, as they are very committed and dedicated dog lovers. We’re confident she’ll have a great home with them.


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