Three months old!

Beverly was three months old on Saturday. This Wednesday, we will have had her for four weeks. During that time she’s changed

from this:

061616071116 Bev2

to this.

She’s more than doubled in weight, and she’s having new experiences daily. Some are not so great. She had her first case of diarrhea Saturday (God knows why), and that combined with a rare accident in her kennel prompted us to subject her to her first bath.

071116 First bath here

Although she’s perking up a bit, she continues to amaze us with her sleepiness. Previous puppies have jumped to their feet and bounded out of their kennel whenever we opened the door, but if Beverly is snoozing, this is what typically happens even after we open the door:

071116 Sleepyhead

She ignores us and sleeps on.

She’s now big enough that she can lie down in the stroller and rest her chin on the opening. When we walked with her yesterday, she appeared to like that. 071116 Lazy stroller

Tonight, however, she won’t be able to curl up for an after-dinner nap. For the first time, we’ll take her to puppy class. We’re curious to see whether THAT keeps her awake.

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