Place mat

072316 quilt

We got a lovely surprise the other day, when Cyndy Carlton stopped by with her young puppy (Target). She presented us with a beautiful little quilt that she made, explaining that it was a place mat — a portable cozy place to bring along for a puppy like Bev to curl up on. Cyndy is Beverly’s human “grandmother,” having raised Beverly’s real granddam, Emerald, but even with that connection, it seemed to us an extraordinarily generous gift. Beverly, for her part, is taking all the injunctions on the quilt to heart. Especially the third.



5 thoughts on “Place mat

    1. Actually, I saw Cyndy this morning, and she said Beverly is actually her “great-grandpuppy”. She explained that she raised Emerald, who had Phyllis (her “grand puppy and Beverly’s mother.) So I guess that makes Beverly your great-great-grandpuppy. But is “great-grandmother” (etc.) the best term for the human in the relationship? Or is there any other one in circulation (great grandpuppyraiser???)


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