The lab report

I’ve been forgetting to report what I learned recently about Beverly’s heritage. We were told in her initial forms that she’s a labrador-golden cross. But in recent years, we’ve gotten interested in the percentages of each of those breeds in our puppies. Kyndall, for example, was 50% of each. Only Tucker (our first CCI dog) and Yuli (our 2nd) have been purebreds (labrador retriever).

So I emailed the woman who is the breeder-caretaker of Beverly’s mother, Phyllis. Jan Thornburg is also currently raising Beverly’s sister, Bean.  Jan responded, “I think these little ones are 1/16th GR and 15/16ths Lab.”

Not that this matters. But it sort of explains why Beverly looks like she could be Tucker’s daughter, a resemblance that seems to get stronger with each day. They get along well, and, as true labs do, both love to eat.

080416 lab slab.jpegI would say that Beverly has also been taking lessons from Tuck in the art of relaxing. But that’s not really true. She’s been a natural at that herself, right from the start.

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