Beverly, meet your public

Steve and I have been preoccupied recently with some (human) members of our pack, so my blogging about Beverly has suffered. But we haven’t been ignoring her. In line with our resolve to introduce her gradually to public outings, Steve took her on two simple errands this afternoon: a quick trip to the post office and a short outing to our local grocery store.

He returned with bracing news: her behavior both places was good. Outside the post office, he instructed her to “Hurry,” and “She peed an ocean.” Inside, when he got up to the counter, he ordered her to Down and Stay and she never once popped up while he registered his letter and paid for the stamps. “She likes staying down,” he noted. “It’s restful.”

Their next stop was the Gelson’s a few blocks from our house. Once again, before entering, he instructed her to hurry, and she dutifully squatted down, but only squeezed out a few drops. Inside, she was the model pup, walking nicely at his side, and again maintaining her Down position while he bought sandwich meat at the deli counter. Several other customers admired her beauty. Steve says she seemed to enjoy that.

081516 Bev's first grocery shop

Back in the parking lot, she posed for another photo:

081516 outside Gelson's

… and then on the way to the van, she squatted and unloosed another ocean of pee on the asphalt.

At least she didn’t do that IN the store. With luck, she never will.


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