Whiskers and spots

Here’s yet another way in which Beverly is unique among all the dogs we’ve had: she alone has a couple of ridiculously long hairs growing above her eyes. I suppose they’re technically eyebrows, but they’re so much longer than other specimens in that class. They’re more like eyewhiskers. She only has a handful of the super-long ones per side, and they’re not easy to photograph. Nonetheless they give her a special look (half geezer and half intentionally disheveled Hollywood starlet?)

083116 whiskers2

Here’s another view:

083116 whiskers1
She also has a few really long whiskers that are more conventionally situated.

As if not to be outdone by her, Tucker these days appears to be impersonating a dalmatian. His head and ears are covered with black spots; they make him look disreputable. We know why: he goes out to the fig tree and rummages around, looking for tasty morsels, and the fig juice drips on him. Bathing him is definitely on the agenda for this weekend.

083116 spots
This picture doesn’t show how bad he really looks. He wouldn’t look me in the eye. (I think he was embarrassed.)

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