The trouble with Beverly

The trouble with Beverly is that she’s SO good I’m finding it more difficult to blog about her! She never has elimination accidents or chews anything up or steals my earplugs. She and I went grocery shopping yesterday, and she sat calmly whenever I paused. She paid attention to me as we made our way up and down the aisles. She received compliments serenely.

We’ve gone on two hikes this week. For the first, which was up in Carlsbad, she had to ride in the front seat of our Miata (instead of in the kennel in the van, which she’s used to). Unlike almost every pup we’ve raised, she didn’t seem to mind being in the car seat. She looked out of the windows with interest. And she stayed calm. She followed along calmly on the trail.

This morning Steve and I took her with us on a short hike around Famosa Slough in Ocean Beach, where we saw many ducks and coots and a number of great white egrets. Beverly saw them too but basically did not react to them.


SOME puppies might think about chasing that big white bird. But not this one.

Although she now executes the Down command flawlessly, it has occurred to us that she still hasn’t learned to Shake. She’s very hesitant to Jump up into the van or out of it, and she doesn’t even respond (yet) to the Lap command. But we have puppy class tomorrow night, and we should have a new instructor then.

We plan to attend, of course. That may give me something to write about.

3 thoughts on “The trouble with Beverly

  1. We were happy to hear how well Beverly is doing. You guys must be using some excellent puppy sitters! We miss her and hope to see her again when you need us. Hope that you had a good trip Suzy and Frank.

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