Mealtime joy

We went to class Monday, and Beverly performed admirably. But our new teacher, although observing, wasn’t yet teaching the class. We’re not sure when she’ll actually start.

Steve had her full attention, despite the many distractions.

Still, we’re impressed by one lesson Beverly appears to have mastered at home. When we returned from our travels at the beginning of this month, we noted with a mixture of amusement and horror that she was routinely climbing up on the furniture and curling up to nap on it. Steve in particularly took a dim view of this and ordered her off. I warned him it was hopeless, that once puppies have experienced the bliss of dozing off on a cozy cushion, it’s impossible to get them to stop.

To my amazement, however, I haven’t seen Beverly on the furniture in days. She appears to have paid attention and is obeying us. This seems miraculous. We’ll see if it persists.

What also is continuing is her newfound passion for eating her dogfood. This is the same girl who used to sit down at every meal, bowl between her front paws, and slowly chew every bit of kibble — usually leaving some untouched.

Watch her here as she waits at the top of the stairs while Steve fills her and Tucker’s bowls. She can barely contain herself — then she explodes.

My Movie from Jeannette De Wyze on Vimeo.

This happy performance is currently being repeated twice daily.

3 thoughts on “Mealtime joy

  1. Wow! Bev’s got some personality now!!
    So nice to see her awake….she’s getting stronger to outrun Keegan…..since Kora isn’t available!


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