Beverly, growing

Eleven days ago, Beverly reached her seven-month birthday… an event I completely failed to notice. It’s true that she’s the 11th dog I’ve raised since puppyhood in my adult life, and as with human children, the landmarks are more likely to be overlooked, the farther you get from the first ones. However, I feel bad because with Beverly, I had hoped to document her growth in a way I’d never done before.

My idea was to position her in the same place every single day and take a picture. After 18 months, I imagined I could stitch together all the images and have an awesome montage. Something like this (if you click the forward-arrow buttons really fast):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It (sort of) worked for the first 10 days, although Steve and I quickly were amazed by the challenge of getting Beverly into the same position every day. Then I started forgetting to do it. When I realized yesterday that her seven-month birthday had slipped by without my notice, it occurred to me that I had not captured the daily photo… for months.

Here’s what she looked like a few minutes ago:


compared to these earlier moments:

I’ll try really, really hard to remember her first birthday on April 9. But as for that montage, it may have to wait for the next puppy.

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