How Beverly spent her first Christmas

I think Beverly enjoyed the Christmas season. Unlike Mr. Tucker, who understands this is a time of year when dogs have more fun than usual, Beverly was a Yuletide innocent; everything came as a surprise to her. We were entertaining houseguests for ten days straight, which caused me to flake out completely in the puppy-blogging department. But that was because I was immersed in activities in which Beverly often was included, and which she seemed to appreciate. These included hiking up a local mountain where Kumeyaay Indians traditionally marked the winter solstice. In the darkness before dawn, she was careful but intrepid, picking her way up the hill.

Because it was dark, we didn’t get a good photo of her in this outing.

The next day, Steve took her on a multi-hour excursion to one of San Diego’s busiest malls, where numerous shoppers paused to admire her.

On Christmas Day itself, we refrained from stocking any pigs’ ears or other rawhide treats. CCI puppies in training aren’t supposed to eat them, and last year they seemed to irritate Tucker’s aging digestive system. Still, I couldn’t refrain from buying a few inexpensive new dog toys. These mostly came to a speedy end, which bothers Steve a lot, but I tell him to think of them as cigars — consumables that are nonetheless greatly savored by their fans.

The red ball lasted about 15 minutes. The yellow duck died shortly afterward. The skunk still hasn’t been gutted. But that’s only because Steve made me save it so that all the Christmas toys wouldn’t be destroyed simultaneously.

All the houseguests meant that Beverly was showered with a lot of attention and love.



Unfortunately, she appeared to pick up some bad habits — jumping on the furniture to snuggle up with the visitors, digging more holes in the yard, and going crazy one morning — ripping up the anti-skid mat under one of the throw rugs.122816-bev-xmas1

Come the new year, Steve and I will have our work cut out for us — trying to expunge all the bad new behaviors. But between now and January 1, Beverly will be participating in a few more fun-filled end-of-year activities.

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