Beach puppy


Beverly may sleep a lot, but when a special day comes along, she’s game. Yesterday was such a day. We went for our annual beach hike that can only be done on one of the days when the tide is lowest. Only then can we and assorted friends make our way from the Scripps Pier in La Jolla to north of 15th Street in Del Mar. It’s a trek, usually requiring about four hours for us to cover the 8 or 9 miles (including a break for refreshments a little past halfway.)

Although dogs aren’t allowed on these beaches, we always cape our current puppy and have never been challenged about taking him or her along. Some of our trainees have seemed nervous, however, about the few sections in which we have to pick our way over rocks and boulders.

Not Beverly. Steve, who had her leash, reported that she never seemed flustered and appeared to enjoy the entire outing. By the end, though, she was ravenous — and sleepy, as usual.


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