9 months old!


The beautiful and virtuous Miss Beverly reached the 9-month mark yesterday and celebrated with a bit of steak fat in her breakfast (saved from our dinner the previous night). We also returned to puppy class last night after the month-long sojourn for the holidays. As usual, she did very well.

After class, we managed to arrange a play date for this afternoon with her boyfriend, Keegan, who’s just a month and a day older than her. He also lives just a few blocks away. They looooooove each other (and look enough alike to be littermates.)


Happily, Miss B shows no sign yet of going into her first heat. When that time comes, it will force us to restrict the play dates. Steve and I have a $5 bet going. He predicts Beverly won’t have her first heat until a month or two after her first birthday. That would be late — and just fine with me. But I’m afraid it will come sooner. I’ll report who wins the wager here.



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