Puppy pack goes to the movies

I was disappointed when I learned that only three other CCI puppies (and four of their puppy-raisers) would be attending the movie matinee at Liberty Station Saturday with Beverly, Steve, and me. “Yeah, it won’t be a total clown car,” the PR who had organized it said. She and I agreed we both were rather fond of clown cars.

But the outing still proved entertaining. The movie we saw was the Dog Movie du Jour, Lasse Hallstrom’s A Dog’s Purpose. Controversy has surrounded this film, stemming from the allegations that one of the animal actors was mistreated (forced to jump into a body of water when she was terrified). But I’d read enough about the incident to make me think the allegations were unfounded. A separate question was the wildly sentimental plot (“It’s canine Buddhism!” Steve exclaimed with it was over.) He and I normally tend to avoid tear-jerkers. But we wound up enjoying it in spite of ourselves (and all our tears that the film jerked.)

All the pups were well-behaved, although our seats were located at the other end of the aisle from the others, which limited the chances for doggy misbehavior.

She sat at our feet. In The Lot theaters, each seat us surrounded by tons of space, though there is the distraction of waiters serving food and drinks.
Target and Dharma sat at the other end of the aisle. Note that both of them appear to be watching the screen ahead.
Beverly appeared to be fascinated by many of the parts about Bailey, the retriever who is the film’s central doggy character. But she dozed off during many of the corgi and shepherd sections.

None of the cinematic parts were as interesting as the (brief) opportunity to schmooze with the other movie-goers.


Then we all left the theater and made the pups line up for a photo. THAT was no fun at all.


2 thoughts on “Puppy pack goes to the movies

  1. Now Frank and I would have loved to go on that outing! Looks like it was too fun.

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