Dropped the ball

I’m the one who dropped the ball of reporting on the life of Beverly. The life of Jeannette got super busy with travel and work for a couple of weeks, and then I sort of lost the habit of keeping up with posting.

But Beverly had a few excellent adventures during this spell. One long weekend, she stayed with Lisa Matthews, who lives in our neighborhood and raised Kora. Turned in last November, Kora appeared to be headed for graduation this coming May, but in the 11th hour, she was released for barking and a couple of other problems. Lisa had not yet gotten this news when Beverly stayed with her, but after Kora’s release, the two girls shared a fun-filled afternoon.

The next weekend, Beverly stayed with our long-time puppy-sitting heroes, Susan and Frank. They took her on some great outings, as usual, including a movie excursion.

I guess the film put Beverly to sleep.

As in the past, they had only the warmest praise for her.

Steve and I — and Beverly — will be setting off on more adventures eight days from now, but in the meantime, we have interesting activities plans. Stay tuned. (I will make every effort to report on some of them.)

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