Beverly’s happy

052117 happy girl

CCI pups do live the good life. In Beverly’s case, she had an excellent vacation when Steve and I were off on our recent travels. She stayed with two different veteran puppy-sitters and had lots of adventures with them. She reportedly made excellent progress in conquering her nervousness around sidewalk grates.

052117 grate progress

Since our return 12 days ago, we’ve settled back into our normal routines. One of Beverly’s favorites continues to be… napping! But she and I have also been to two puppy socials, and her old pal Kora has come to visit and romp.

One wrinkle is that Beverly STILL has not gone into heat. At the puppy social yesterday, however, I heard some confirmation that this is not unprecedented. One of the other girls at the party is 15 months and hasn’t had her first heat either. (Beverly’s only 13 and a half months.) Someone mentioned a CCI girl who didn’t go into heat until she was two. The range boggles my mind.

Tomorrow night we’ll attend Advanced puppy class for the first time. That should give me a bit more to report.


2 thoughts on “Beverly’s happy

  1. Beverly’s mama, Phyllis, did not have a heat cycle until she was at least 13 1/2 months old, so don’t give up hope. Thanks for the updates. Wags, Jan



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