070117 Splotch face1

Normally, Beverly is a pretty dog, pleasing to look at. In the last week or two, however, she’s begun looking rather leprous. The cause of this is that the figs on our massive old tree finally have begun to ripen. Moreover, the tree has sent up a jungle of densely leafed shoots around its base. This presents the dogs with irresistible, nose-level temptation; they dive in to scout for juicy morsels. Some of the juice drips onto their fur and they emerge looking rather shopworn.

It goes without saying that we don’t encourage this. Snacking on figs can quickly ruin a girl’s figure. Still, we’d recently come to let down our guard around Beverly, allowing her occasional access to the patio, where she likes to lounge in the sun.

We’ve discovered we can clean her up short of giving her a full bath and facial. We scrub off the blemishes using only a wet washrag. But this is time-consuming. So we’re making an effort to allow her no unfettered access to the yard, at least until after Tuesday.

We want to keep both her coat and her cape as clean as possible so that she looks respectable marching in the Coronado Fourth of July Parade.  The color theme of that event may be red, white, and blue. But we’d prefer to limit the red and blue as much as possible.


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