Return of the forbidden fruit

090517 fig1

Our fig crop was late this year. Normally, some of the fruit ripens in the early summer, but this year that didn’t happen. Only now, finally, is the tree loaded with juicy purple delicacies, so many that they fall off by the hour.

It’s been fascinating to watch Beverly’s reaction to this — yet another illustration of how different puppies can be. Every dog we’ve ever had has quickly figured out that ripe figs are edible, and over the years, the most common reaction is that they are a gift from the universe, to be pounced upon and gobbled up as quickly as possible. For us, this is  problematic for several reasons, including that:

  1. Eating lots of figs makes dogs fat.
  2. CCI puppies aren’t supposed to eat random objects that they find on the ground.
  3. Eating too many figs gives some pups diarrhea.

Beverly’s reaction to the crop has been unusual. She clearly enjoys slipping out to the lower yard to inspect the messy detritus under the tree. She sniffs and sniffs, and I have  seen her delicately choose certain chunks to consume. She chews them, as if savoring the flavors. Alternatively, sometimes she selects a less-ripe specimen and races around the yard with it, tossing it around like a toy. At other times, she lies out in the sun, ignoring the temptation altogether.

090517 fig2

It’s wonderful (and exceedingly rare) to have a puppy so trustworthy it can be allowed out in the yard without our supervision. Beverly is almost that trustworthy, but not completely. Mostly we keep her in the house, away from the temptation. But at those moments when we slip up, I tell myself that fig season will be over soon.



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