Cross-generational pals

In two and a half months, Tucker will turn 13. That’s geriatric for a Labrador retriever. Our encyclopedia of dogs says the average lifespan of the breed is only 12 to 14 years. Tuck’s not dead yet, but we worry about his often-labored breathing, his failing hips, the depths of his slumber. One thing that makes me happy, though, is his still-evident affection for the puppies with whom he so often shares our house.

Beverly, is a particularly easy girl to live with; she never jumps or chews on him the way some of her predecessors have. I’ve seen Tucker use her as a pillow…091517 Tuck and Bev1

…and sometimes they serve as each other’s back rests…

091517 Tuck and Bev3

At night, she loves to climb into his bed and curl up with him. Before turning out the lights, we make her go to her own bed because we think Tucker prefers sleeping alone, but he never growls or snarls at her incursions.

091517 Tuck and Bev2

They even play together for brief interludes (though this activity mostly consists of him woofing at her to make her run away, in mock fear.

When he stops doing that is when we’ll really start worrying about him.

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