092017 forms

Raising a potential service dog involves duties — most of which are pretty pleasant because they involve interaction with the dog (e.g. teaching the puppy good house manners, going to puppy class, etc.) But one of the most obnoxious duties arrived in my in-box the other day — the email bearing all the many forms to be completed in preparation for Beverly’s turn-in.

There’s an RSVP form for the turn-in ceremonies on November 3. A turn-in questionnaire, a medical questionnaire, a veterinary exam form, and more. I have to go through my myriad photos of Beverly and pick out three for inclusion in the Matriculation Slideshow. Churning through it all will probably take me a couple of hours.

Worst of all: every minute of it is a reminder of Beverly’s impending departure. šŸ˜¦


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