Not 100% perfect

Beverly has been such an amazingly good puppy sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s still just a young dog. But this past weekend, we got a rare reminder. Here’s what happened (just for the record).

I woke up sometime in the wee hours Sunday morning to the unmistakable sound of canine regurgitation. (Raise a couple of dogs and you’ll never forget it.) I was too sleepy to crawl out of bed to see who it was coming from (Beverly or Tucker). But in the morning, it was obvious. If Beverly threw up much in the way of solids, she made them disappear by morning. Still, along with a sour smell, this is what we found on her dog bed:

092517 dog barf

She seemed quite unaffected by whatever had upset her stomach; ate her breakfast and acted normal all day. And we had a good idea of what happened. She’d spent most of the day at the home of another puppy-raiser, playing with three doggy pals while Steve and I participated in another activity to which we couldn’t take her. We assume that sometime during the day, she must have browsed on some irritating vegetation.

The good news is that the incident prompted us to thoroughly clean her dog bed. Now it looks and smells fresh and clean.

Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of Beverly’s face when we collected her. She was literally grinning with happiness; obviously she had a wonderful time. If the aftermath illustrated that she is still only 98% perfect, that seems a fair trade-off.



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