The next one?

For some months, Steve and I have mulling over what to do after Beverly went on to her Advanced Training. We love raising puppies for CCI, and we want to continue doing it, but we have a couple of big trips coming up in 2018. We considered trying to find a co-raising partner or partners, but longtime puppy-raiser Cyndy Carlton (who also hosts bi-monthly puppy socials) reassured us we will find puppy-sitters to help out when we are gone next year. So we recently filled out and resubmitted a Repeat Puppy-Raiser Application Form, and last week we got word that we have been approved and are on the waiting list.

Our application this time was further complicated by the news (which we heard from Cyndy) that Beverly’s mother, Phyllis, was being bred (in September) for the fifth and final time. We understand that Phyllis has produced many wonderful puppies, and our experience with Beverly was so awesome, we would love to repeat it. So in our application, we specifically requested one of Phyllis’s puppies, should any of them be sent to the San Diego area.

Last night, I got word that on Sunday — right on her due date — Phyllis whelped 8 beautiful babies.  Six are females, two are male. Three are yellow. Five are black. It is an “A” litter, so everyone in it will get a name starting with that letter.

111417 Phyllis and the final gang
After five litters, Phyllis looks like she’s had enough!

The big question is: will any of them be sent to this region? The local puppy program director says she should know with 3-4 weeks. If one or more do come here, and we’re chosen to be the local recipients, it should arrive around January 8-10.

If we don’t get tapped to receive one of the new “A” babies, we hope to get some other puppy even earlier.

Either way, the new year promises to begin with a bang!

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