A loaner puppy

112117 Ressa

Steve and I have now been puppy-less for 28 days; we had to give up Beverly October 24. We’re unlikely to receive her successor for another 3-7 weeks. This interval feels strange. On the one hand, we don’t have to reserve a small part of each of our brains to constantly track the puppy’s whereabouts, a luxury we’re enjoying. Every time we go to the grocery store or the movies or on any other outing, we don’t have to decide whether to take the puppy along. There’s none to take. We’ve been lavishing much more attention on Tucker (who will turn 13 next week.) He seems to appreciate it, although we believe he also misses having a young canine housemate. We miss it too, and so we were happy to volunteer to puppy-sit Ressa.

Ressa is being brought up by a veteran puppy-raiser named Donna, who had to travel to Florida for the birth of a grandchild. Our puppy-raising colleague, Cyndy Carlton, took care of Ressa for about a week, then she dropped her off at our house yesterday. She’ll stay with us until November 30. Yesterday happened to be Ressa’s seven-month birthday. It didn’t take us long to realize: she’s a little gem.

She’s at least as calm as Beverly; spent most of the afternoon napping. In the late afternoon, we walked with her to the house of our closest fellow CCI puppy-raisers — Mark and Karla. They just turned in their first CCI puppy, Keegan, and almost immediately got a successor, a little black male named Truckee. Sleepy Ressa perked up at the sight of the little guy, chased him around Mark and Karla’s house, and appeared to terrify him.

112117 Truckee terror

But he’s just a baby, only 9 weeks old. He seems in a world apart from big(ish), well-behaved Ressa. We’ll be returning to that more demanding world soon. For now, however, we’re very much enjoying our little loaner.

112117 Ressa kisses


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