He’s getting closer

121517 preAdagioWe may not have our new puppy yet, but it sure feels like he’s on his way. And we now know his name and color: Adagio and black! Steve and I have raised every other gender/color combo for CCI — yellow girls and boys and black females, but this will be our first black male. I’m sure we’ll love him (though Steve predicts that Mr. Tucker will be less than overjoyed by the advent of a little boy dog.)

We’ve received and have signed the contract with CCI (in which we promise we will not only raise Adagio until November 1, 2019 — but will give him back then). Yesterday a package full of goodies arrived — halters and two sizes of capes, flea and worming medicine, a pristine new Kong and tug-of-war toy, and more.

Normally, we would fill out the forms and get the goodies when we picked up the puppy. But on January 10, we will instead go directly to the airport to collect him there. That should be interesting!

In the meantime, our fellow puppy-raiser Cyndy Carlton, who will be raising Adagio’s sister, Apple, has told us she plans to journey up to central California to visit the breeder-caretaker next week. She’s promised to bring back photos, which I look forward to sharing.

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