Glimpses of Adagio

We’ve gotten some bonus presents in the run-up to Christmas: several photos of Adagio, our next furry charge. Fellow puppy-raiser Cyndy Carlton, who will be raising Adagio’s sister, Apple, has been up in central California, where she has visited the breeder-caretaker of Phyllis (mother of this “A” litter and also the mother of Beverly, our last puppy). Both Cyndy and Jan have passed along some sweet images, including this apparently rare sighting of Adagio, awake!

122217 Adagio3

More often, he apparently can be found snoozing.

122217 Adagio1


122217 Adagio2
As Cyndy points out, growing takes a lot of energy.
122217 Adagio paw
It’s exciting to think that in less than 3 weeks, we’ll be shaking that paw.

4 thoughts on “Glimpses of Adagio

  1. Adagio is adorable ! I hope he will be a terrific dog ! Merry Christmas to you both . Let us know when you get Adagio so We can come meet him . Warmly, Diana Sent from my iPhone



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