Doggy humor

Steve and I have mixed feelings about dog beds. For old Tucker, whose joints clearly ache, we agree they are essential. Tucker has beds spread all over the house, and usually he prefers to be sprawled out on one of them.

Dog beds for puppies are another matter. Every time we’ve gotten one for any of our charges, they sooner or later wind up ripping it apart. This leads Steve to declare that no more puppies should have beds. But I think that’s unfair. My philosophy is that each dog should have a chance to prove he or she is better. More sensible.

So it was that I bought the bed below for Adagio at Target.


He adores it; spends more time than any previous puppy curled up in it, snoozing. Sometimes he drags it around and wrestles with it, but so far he has resisted harming it.

We’ve wondered how long he will continue to fit, but now we have our answer: maybe forever. We burst out laughing the other day when we walked into the sitting area and found this:


Tucker weighs almost 90 pounds. He couldn’t squeeze in his whole rear end, but he appeared to be trying. Rather than looking sheepish, he mulishly refused to move. We found him occupying it again yesterday, and I had to haul him off it.

Steve’s theory is that this is Tucker’s way of retaliating against Adagio for shamelessly moving into (and often taking over) Tucker’s beds. He thinks Tucker resents Adagio getting his smell all over Tucker’s space, and this is Tucker’s revenge.

I wonder if, instead, the takeover doesn’t express a Tuckerian desire to return to the womb… or at least return to the pampering we give to the puppies. Or does he just think it’s funny? (We do.)

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