Dilly’s first vacation

Over the years, Steve and I have accepted caretaking help from more CCI-trained puppy sitters than I can count. Still, we’ve never asked it for any substantial period with as young a pup as Dilly. We never wanted to impose the first few trying months on others. But circumstances conspired to draw us outside the country (primarily on a philanthropic mission in Africa) for about two and a half weeks. (I’ve been writing about those adventures in my travel blog). We were greatly relieved when three sets of helpers offered to host Dilly while we were gone. 

On Thursday January 3, I delivered him to the house of Mary Milton, an experienced puppy-raiser who’s in between dogs at the moment. She sent several photos and reports that made it clear Dilly was having a great time.

Mary also hosted another pup along with Dilly for one or two days. 
The two of them clearly had a blast.
And it tired him out!

(I tried repeatedly to publish this post while we were on the road, but I was consistently foiled by bad to non-existent internet connections and other technical problems.)

After staying with Mary, Dilly moved on to another valiant sitter, Pat Masters, who unfortunately had to deal with yet another round of Dilly diarrhea. But with the addition of more probiotics to his diet, this eventually cleared up.

For the final week he moved to one of the top floors of a downtown high-rise, where he was cared for by former puppy-raiser Allison Kelly and her release dog Isse. We picked him up from there Tuesday morning and were thrilled to hear that he was still in excellent health and unfazed by the sound of trains, cruise-ship horn blasts, and the many other urban distractions in San Diego’s core.

Isse and Dilly

We were sorry to miss some of the special days when he’s so small and irresistible. But we’ve been that much happier to reunite with him and continue on our journey together.

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