My new strategy for fighting coronavirus on my puppy

IMG_6900.jpgActually, I have no idea if there has ever been a single Covid 19 particle on Dilly, but I admit to being creeped out by the warnings that if someone with virus on their hands touches an animal, the germs might possibly be able to live on the animal’s fur for some time. Dilly doesn’t go out and about that much. But even just a stroll to the coffee shop (back in the era when it was open) not uncommonly resulted in some petting. (“But only if he’s good and sits nicely!” we instructed his admirers.)

Alas, it’s not like we can hose him down for 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice) every time a hand touches those golden curls.  Steve brushes him daily, and I confess to giving him a quick occasional once-over with a rag sprayed with Lysol. Still one wonders: is it enough?

My new solution: sun-bathing him. Researchers have reported that ultraviolet light can kill the virus; it allegedly has been used as a disinfecting agent in China. And sunlight delivers UV.

We can’t just allow him to hang out in the yard, where he would eventually flop down and snooze in the sun on his own because before the flopping and snoozing would come the plant-eating (followed some hours later by the whining to go out and have diarrhea in the middle of the night). But Dilly’s kennel is big and open and easy to move outside Steve’s office. Dilly seemed only mildly alarmed when we ordered him to get into it there this morning.IMG_6886.jpegHe quickly flopped down there, soaking up the rays.IMG_6887.jpeg

Let me hasten to add that no one has apparently studied the effect of actual sunlit conditions on actual Covid 19 sunlit conditions (which of course vary from day to day, season to season, and place to place). So in fact I actually have NO IDEA whether today’s dosage on our patio would be sufficient to be effective. 

Still, we figure it can’t help but have some mild sanitizing and deodorizing impacts on our furry friend. So we’ll have him bask a bit at least until the clouds and rain return. (Tomorrow, according to the forecast on my phone.)IMG_6901.jpeg


3 thoughts on “My new strategy for fighting coronavirus on my puppy

  1. Thank you for the continuation of the Dilly saga.  I  love it and am looking forward to the next one.   Stay healthy and busy and the time will pass fast.All the best,VeraSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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