The other pups we’ve raised.

  1. Tucker

Tucker introduced us to the world of puppy-raising. We picked him up from the Southwest Regional headquarters of Canine Companions for Independence on January 25, 2005, and life haven’t been the same ever since.Baby tucker-1920x550

2. YuliBaby Yuli

Yuli was the first female we raised for CCI. Irrepressible and given to bursts of wild merriment, she was released for a “lack of ability to control her impulses.”

3. Brando

Our third CCI puppy, Brando was normally such a good boy. He went on to graduate and today serves a wonderful family in Chicago. But here he was having a rare naughty puppy moment.Baby Brando

4. Darby

We had such high hopes for Darby. She was smart, attentive, and eager to please. So why did she start acting fearful and barking in her kennel during Advanced Training? If she wanted to be released, she succeeded.Baby Darby

5. Dionne

Of the 9 puppies (CCI and non-) that Steve and I have raised, Dionne was the most mischievous and creative. While those traits can be highly entertaining, they’re not great for a Canine Companion. She was released in September of 2014 and now lives with a couple in northern California who truly appreciate her.Baby Dionne