Ten months old

The beautiful Miss Beverly is 10 months old today. At this point, the physical changes in her are almost undetectable from one month to another.

081016 2 months old
Not like those days last summer!

Her behavioral changes are pretty subtle too.¬†Steve and I racked our brains this morning, trying to think of any remaining flaws in her. In the past few weeks, she has stopped whining before dawn. This morning she was still silent when I got her out of bed shortly before 6:30. Steve claims that she still digs occasionally, but I’m not sure even that is true.

Bottom line: we’re in the extraordinary position of living with a virtually perfect puppy. And we have almost 9 more months to enjoy her company (minus the times when we’re on the road and various¬†puppy-sitters will have the pleasure of hosting her).

It’s a happy thought!