Back to school

We attended our first Advanced Class session with Beverly last night, and the evening offered a couple of satisfactions. For more than a dozen years, we’ve been going to CCI classes (normally every other week) held in spaces near the Home Avenue exit off Highway 94. In the beginning, we met on the loading dock of a feed store that also carried dogfood. (The puppies thought school smelled divine!) Then we shifted to a public meeting space down the street. It was a nice enough classroom, but the nearby police shooting range regularly interrupted our drills with the clatter of gunfire, parking was limited, and there were no outdoor lights for those occasions when we worked outside after dark.

The new location is a little weird. The “classroom” is a conference space within a nondescript office building across Aero Drive from Montgomery Field. It’s not easy to find, but at least there’s unlimited parking and some outdoor lighting. And it should be easier to get there during rush hour.

052317 class
We had a relay race last night. That took up part of the class time.

As for the classwork, Beverly definitely needs to practice some of the Advanced Commands. She looked baffled by the “Up”– with reason. We had never introduced her to it before. Her “Visit” is shaky too.

But we have tons of time to polish these and other skills. This session runs through August 21, and then we’ll have to start it over again, at least for a few times. Until Beverly moves on to work with the pros up in Oceanside.

She knows nothing about any of this. All she knows is that she got to see her beloved buddy, Keegan. He smells almost as divine as dogfood.

052317 B and K
That’s her, on the right, loving his attention.