Wonderful news

112517 the-final-gang
We’re lucky dogs! One of these babies will soon be arriving for an extended stay with us. 

The phone rang. It was the CCI Southwest Region puppy program director, Becky Hein. My brain didn’t even have time to reel at the thought that she might be calling to tell us that Beverly wasn’t going to make it, when she announced, “I’m not calling about Beverly.” Instead she had electrifying news: two of the eight puppies born on November 12 to Phyllis (Beverly’s mother) will be sent down to the Southwest Region. We have been approved to receive one of them.

Becky offered a bit more info. One of those coming down will be a male, and one will be female. She didn’t know, however, what colors they will be or their names (other than that they will begin with the letter “A”).

Our fellow puppy-raiser, Cyndy Carlton, will be receiving whichever one of the two we do not get. Cyndy earlier had told us we could choose. So after some discussion, Steve and I have decided we’d like the boy. We’ve raised only two males so far (Tucker and Brando), versus five CCI females (and four non-CCI girls). Both Tucker and Brando were blondes, so if it turns out that the new baby is the color of ebony, that would be a special treat.

We should find out more soon. We’ve already been told they will arrive in San Diego on January 10. (It’s on my calendar, in capital letters.)