Darby finds a new pack

Darby finds a new pack
The happy girl, with new pack members Joe, Kerri, and Kayla

Here, at last, is the happy wind-up to Darby’s journey. She’s now a member of the Dunne pack, and by all appearances, ecstatic to be that.  Now she can swim and snuggle and chase balls, almost without limit. She can visit us any time the Dunnes can spare her!

The working life is not for every pup.

Still hope springs eternal, and Steve and I have received word that we’ll receive our next prospect on December 5.  Probably another female.  Probably a blonde lab-golden cross. No word on the name yet.

With this puppy, I’m taking the pledge; turning over a new leaf.  My goal is to post much, much more often, to keep a much more thorough chronicle of the puppy-raising enterprise.

Stay tuned.